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2Solar can do a lot. And more. Because in addition to all standard tools and extensive features, you can also choose from a number of extras. Added value for you, more value for your customer.

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Marketing automation

Is it quiet around a lead? Do you want to activate a potential customer after a sent quote? Have 2Solar automation performed (send an e-mail) when a status remains unchanged for a long time. You create the templates yourself, so you always communicate in a way that suits you.

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SMS for planningsmodule

Fast, short and powerful. Add the SMS tool to your 2Solar Planning module and communication is even easier and more efficient. A message about a rescheduled appointment or about an adjusted delivery time; Your technician or installer is automatically and immediately informed.
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The smartest subscription module: draw solar panels on current aerial photos and make laying plans in 3 minutes.

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Make your quotes smarter and faster with data from your installation plan, automatic calculations and clear templates.

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