2Solar Monitoring module

Also after delivery
visibility and grip
on your installations

Check and manage your solar panel installations remotely and at any time. Handy for you and an attractive service for your customer.

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Manage your installations

Status, service, failure: always in control with the monitoring tool

Your projects are completed after delivery, the checking and service continue as usual. Very simple with the monitoring tool. Real-time insight into data, automatic notification of defects, alerts when the system is on or off. That too is 2Solar.


Control over solar systems

Does your customer get the most out of his solar system? Can the yield of his panels be increased? 2Solar measures and records. You can see what the situation is and what could be improved every month, week or day. That way you always have up-to-date input for excellent advice and service.
Up to date

Automatic notifications

No more long-term defects or failures, because with 2Solar you know for sure that everything works. You will receive automatic notifications if your installation is not functioning properly. Yield, mains voltage or signal, with this tool you can see it all.

Always insight

Insight. Always and everywhere

Wherever you are, whenever you want information: 2Solar is an online solution, so you have access to your data anywhere, anytime. Insight when needed, check when you want. Your data is saved and monitored on a server in the Netherlands. Safe and close.

On/off alerts installation

A sustainable solar system is a system that works. Or at least turned on. That is why the monitoring tool contains automatic on / off alerts. That way you can be sure that your customer gets the most out of his solar panels.

Fast service & short lines

Implementation & Support

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Customers, projects, relations, sales: all data in one place. Overview, insight and control for everyone in your company.

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