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Grip on your projects

Employees and assembly teams, installations and service, sales and emails. You can plan everything with ease and an optimal overview. This is the tool for effective projects.

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Plan better and smarter

100% certainty in availability, flexibility and speed

Manage your assembly teams, installations, service and sales planning with confidence and ease. The planning module clearly shows every step, action and challenge. For you, your employees and external cooperation partners. With 2Solar everyone stays on the move.

Availability and flexibility go hand in hand in the planning module. You can see at a glance which employees and (external) teams can work for you or can work for you. Manage capacity and communicate with each other in a few clicks. Practical for you and for your people.

All your projects and activities in one practical tool. Fireplace, installations, assembly, malfunctions and service; You plan it quickly and clearly. Follow the status, progress, delays and of course the delivery times. Your workflow is on the move and you are always connected.

All data about materials, work preparation and execution: you generate them easily and quickly in 2Solar. Practical lists with which your (external) teams can get to work. Your back office also has all the data for accurate checking and invoicing.
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Availability & capacity

The right people in the right place. Always. That requires an overview. The 2Solar Planning module tells you where you need capacity and who is available for the job.
Extra handy: give external parties access to your system and they can indicate themselves when they are available.

Automatic confirmation

Made an appointment and planned work? With the automatic appointment confirmation you let your customers know when they can expect you or your team. The software sends the confirmation, you do not have to do anything else for that.
Travel time calculation

Calculate travel times

Efficient planning also takes travel times into account. Our software calculates all the distances that your installation and installation teams have to drive. That saves you or your logistics department a lot of rules and calculations. And every appointment fits nicely together.

Grip on your schedule

All sellers, one agenda

Optimal sales processes start with clear planning. Manage the agendas of all sellers in one place and have an overview of appointments, promotions, mailings, everything. Get a grip on your sales planning, from lead to quotation to success.
Send messages

SMS for planningsmodule

Fast, short and powerful. Add the SMS tool to your 2Solar Planning module and communication is even easier and more efficient. A message about a rescheduled appointment or an adjusted delivery date; Your technician or installer is automatically and immediately informed.

Fast service & short lines

Implementation & Support

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Checklists, delivery documents, material lists, delivery reports: everything at hand, for you and your people.

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Control and manage installations remotely and at any time. Handy for you, a strong service for your customer.

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