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Create a
PV System in
1 – 2 – 3 minutes

Quickly sign up a complete installation plan. It’s possible. With the 2Solar design module, drawing in solar panels becomes very easy. You don’t even have to go up on the roof anymore.

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Unique, intuitive and complete

Design up to 5,000 panels per installation plan.
Customized and in no time

Effortlessly draw a laying plan. Our software does the work for you. Indicate which solar panels you work with and the rest will be calculated automatically. Dimensions, driving distance, yield, everything. The slope angle and shadow impact? You can also calculate them easily and quickly.

You want to offer all your customers the maximum yield. With 2Solar software you can easily calculate the shadow impact. PVGIS software, LiDAR 3D data and sharp aerial photos clearly visualize every situation. For you and your customer. An animation of a 24-hour cycle shows every shadow position, down to the details.

An accurate installation plan for every roof. Also for roofs that are not yet there: new construction. From apartment building to business premises; With 2Solar software, you draw the future situation on a white grid. In this way, you can accurately visualize the roof to be built and you have all the input for a tailor-made quotation and a correct offer.

How can you visualize the roofs of your project? PDOK, Cyclomedia, Google Maps? Or do you work better and faster with BAG from the Land Registry or OpenStreetMap? With our software you have the choice. 2Solar moves with you.

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Fast inverter selection

The right inverter for your solar panels. With 2Solar you choose the best inverter for your installation plan. And of course, we start from your range and price list, as they are also in 2Solar. One tool for all your processes!
Measurement functions

Extensive measurement functions

Extensive and accurate, that’s what the measurement functions are all about. On the clear aerial photos, you can also see the details next to the roofs. Objects such as chimneys and rainwater drainage systems. In this way, you make a detailed plan for every drawing. Perfect input for every quote and installer.

String division

A large project with large quantities of solar panels? Then you know: string distribution is involved. 2Solar software gives you the tools to calculate the correct circuit. Of course also based on location, shadow impact, gradients. All information is in your 2Solar.

Exact data, good advice

Laying plans and yield calculations, you make them quickly and easily. For new construction, large business and private projects. The extensive and accurate software provides you with exactly what you need: precise data for sharp advice.
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The smartest subscription module: draw solar panels on current aerial photos and make laying plans in 3 minutes.

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Every fireplace is easy on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Fill in once, all info together and at hand.

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